Use Swagbucks Search Engine to Replace Google and Earn!

I admit that earlier this summer when I wrote about Swagbucks I was quick to judge and that resulted in a negative review of a website and concept that deserved the benefit of doubt and oppurtunity to prove itself before being written off as a failure.  To recapt quickly, Swagbucks is a search engine that offers rewards for using their search engine.  The best part about Swagbucks is that they use the Google Search Engine to display results and being that Google is the only engine I use this seemed like an awesome idea.  For each search you make on Swagbucks you have the chance to earn Swagbucks which can be redeemed for amazing prizes.

My original review was not very nice and I tore apart the system.  I’d like to redeem myself in the form of a follow-up review with some more positive information.  While I have not been extremely active on Swagbucks and at times I’ve even forgotten I was using it I was surprised to find out the other day that from the one friend that I referred and the odd search here and there I’ve completed, my total Swagbucks have reached 81.  Looking at the available prizes from Swagbucks 81 is not very much in comparison to the cost of some of the more useable rewards however I have barely used Swagbucks since signing up and only have one referral.  I’ve earned enough to choose from a variety of $5 gift cards.

Now that I can see the system working for my benefit I plan to begin using the search engine more frequently.  After reviewing the model again, with the exception of having limited results compared to Google’s massive resulsts I see no real reason not to replace my general normal Google searches with the Swagbucks search engine.

My ultimate goal is to save up enough Swagbucks to redeem a Playstation 3 however that could still be a fairly long time away at 3000 swagbucks.  I may cave in early and end up grabbing an Acoustic Guitar instead since it’s only 800 swagbucks and I’ve become hooked on playing guitar since introducing myself to Rockband and Guitar Hero hence my need for a new PS3.

Another great feature of Swagbucks is that they are onboard for keeping the environment clean!  Think about the last time you bought yourself a new cell phone?  It was likely within the last 12 months… and what did you do with your old phone?  For the ones I haven’t managed to give away they are still lying around my house somewhere collecting dust.

Did you know that old cell phones and other electronics are not biodegradable and likely contain toxic components?  Throwing old cell’s in the garbage is not such a hot idea so Swagbucks has introduced a Cell Phone Recycling Promotion.  Send in your old cell phones and receive Swagbucks in return then use those new Swagbucks to put towards a new cell phone from one of the Swagbuck Partner sites!  The best part is they pay for shipping! Simply click the Green Banner which will take you to the Swagbucks website for more information.


  1. timothy says:

    sounds really cool, will give it a test. thanks!

  2. Never heard about Swagbucks but seeing your reviews i am tempted to give it a try, let us know how its working out, so that more of us can give it a try.

    richard E utlitiess last blog post..Ning – Your Own Social Network Site!!

    • Dan says:

      hey richard,

      so far so good..since writing this post 4 days ago I've earned 17 swagbucks and have a total of 96 right now.

      now that im using swagbucks more frequently the rate of earning seems to be better. no complaints so far

  3. Proxy says:

    I have never heard before for Swagbucks. But if there is something where you can get rewarded for being online then it is always worth to try it.
    Let us go how is going with earning earned swagbucks.

  4. Beauty says:

    I want to try Swagbucks too, thx Richard for review

    Beautys last blog post..A Quick Hand Treatment

  5. plin says:

    I tried Swagbucks for the past couple months and i was able to redeem for a $5 certificate. There are a lot of other search engine that rewards its user in similar fashion, however, Swagbucks is the easiest one to use that I have came across.

  6. That's a great article. It's very interesting and informative. But Swagbucks is still new to me. can you give me more info about Swagbucks? Thanks in advance.^_^

  7. Dag says:

    These Swagbucks Folks are hurting I think. They are taking way too long to pay out and I've heard lots of complaints about members being booted off effectively canceling their saved-up swagbucks and items on order due to newly conjured-up "rules" that went into effect only recently. Some members have been booted off because they search "too much!!!" What's that about? My advice is to cash in what you have and get out! These guys are likely to go under and leave lots of people with useless "sbucks" and memories of a lot of wasted time.

    Ya gotta be something of a loser to be sitting around all day punching random words into a search engine all day anyway.

    …Just my opinion.

  8. marcos says:

    this is awesome information, i love swagbucks Thanks

  9. Lockerz Code says:

    do you have twitter? it would be cool to put updates on there.

  10. I liked this! Love swagbucks!

  11. Chelle says:

    My husband is completely anti Swagbucks. I am a stay at home mom and figured while I'm online why not use their toolbar to seach?! He is convinced that they are tracking all of my 'moves' and wrecking havoc on my pc. He's more computer savvy than me of course. I'm waaay down here and he's waay up there with his degree in MIS yadda yadda yadda. What are your thoughts? So far I have received two Amazon giftcards for $5 and have 70 swagbucks right now. I have been using it a little over three months. I like it a lot and want to know if it is worth it? Thanks!

    • Mel says:

      My husband said the same thing at first, and he works at a local computer store fixing computer problems for those of us "lucky" enough to get them. He had been researching swagbucks recently as I had acquired a virus by downloading something, and he ran it through 5 or 6 different programs including spyware, malware, adwar, and virus scans and it hasnt pulled up anything, so for now he has tentatively told me it is relatively safe….hope this helps

  12. Madison says:

    Total ripoff. The search engine is riddled with worthless sites that obviously paid to be listed. I gave up on it.

  13. SwaggerMike says:

    You sure can replace Google and get paid for it. It's like getting paid to do the things you do anyway. Swag Bucks has helped me loads this year to get little presents for people for free. It's saved me a lot of money and I expect it will do next year too. You can Swagbucks Tips and Tricks and lots of Swagbucks earning information to really maximise your use.

  14. Josh says:

    These are some great tips! I have more tips to winning tons of SwagBucks on my blog . If you like it click some ads ;)

  15. says:

    Sound good. I'll try taking this SE for a spin. I'll share to everyone whatever I get from the trial run. Thanks for the share.


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