ROGERS Has Hijacked My DNS and Browser!

A reader of mine, Kobra, has provided the following workaround if you use Windows operating system. Edit c:windowssystem32driversetchosts in Notepad and add . Thanks!  For a full set of alternate instructions that does not require modifying your core Windows System files visit my tutorial on disabling the Rogers Search Page.

Rogers Has Violated Net Neutrality?  Unbelievable.  This morning I awoke bright and early ready to start surfing and finding new things to write about.  The first thing I did was attempt to load my site in Firefox however I made a typo.  Normally when you type a non-existant address in your browser you receive a page that says something along the lines of “Server Not Found” or something similar.  Unfortunately I cannot show you what that page looks like anymore because ROGERS has hijacked my browser as of this morning and I am unable to find a way to completely disable this.

By hijack my browser I mean that from this point on if I type a non-existent address in my browser I am automatically redirected to a Rogers search engine with recommended links.  So after typing serial-box.nt (typo) I end up with this page:

Rogers Sucks

The address bar changes to a Rogers search portal with suggested links.  The web page is also plastered with advertisements that Rogers is earning money off of.  This all started as of this morning.  Yesterday I could type an address that did not exit and see the normal NOT FOUND page.  Today I am forced to read Rogers advertisements.

Can this be disabled you ask?  Well Rogers thought of that.  There is a link at the bottom right corner of the page that reads, Learn More About This Page which explains the following:

Rogers Sucks

Great.  No software has been installed on my computer.  Feeling like I can rid myself of this annoyance I click the button that says “Click here if you would no longer like to receive the Rogers Supported Search Resulst service.”  The real shitty thing about this is that they are using Cookie to remember your choice.  As per the warning on the confirmation page after you disable it, if you delete cookies or use a program that does that for you, you will have to repeat this process of disabling this feature every time your cookies are


I then go and test this out in another browser window after it successfully tells me I have turned off this feature.  Lo and behold I am still being redirected to a Rogers page.  I cannot escape it!

I type into my browser which definitely does not exist.  Keep in mind here folks, I am using the Firefox Internet Browser NOT MICROSOFT IE.  After I have successfully disabled this feature this is the garbage page I get after typing in that address an Internet Explorer Error page.  Please explain to me how I am receiving an error from Internet Explorer when I never use that browser.  According to Rogers, after disabling this recommended search application which has installed “no software on my computer” I am still being redirected to a Rogers website.

I want my Firefox errors back.  Every time a Rogers customer enters an invalid web address you are giving Rogers money.  You are being redirected to a Rogers web page with paid search results.  If I make a mistake in the address bar I do NOT want to see Rogers advertisers.  This is a clever scheme and this must be stopped.

If anyone has any information on how I can permanently block this search page from appearing in my browser I would be forever in your debt.  I do not know enough about networking and firewalls to accurately prevent this page from ever appearing on my site.  I want my old error pages back.  I want nothing to do with IE and their lame error pages.

I’ve noticed that certain web addresses still bypass the Rogers filter and bring the old Firefox not found page.  Not sure what the difference is between this non-existent domain and some other non-existent domain?

Stop Rogers from hijacking your internet connection!  I have filed my compaint with them on their contact page however I will likely receive an automated response.  The only acceptable response they could give me is instructions on how to completely disable this feature.  I await their answer and will post it here when I get it.

Discuss this at the digitalforum.

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  1. Kobra says:

    Open C:WINDOWSsystem32driversetchosts in notepad and add this line to the bottom:

    Kobra's last blog post..Bill Donohue: Pull the Eucharist out of your ass!

  2. Amazing article! Detailed and very interested. I am going to recommend this blog to my friends.

  3. Sheff says:

    I too filed a nasty complaint with Rogers via their contact button and suggest everybody do the same if you want this hijacking stopped. If anything, they will know the volume of complaints and I would certainly hope that hundreds of thousands of complaints do not fall on deaf ears.

    They tried something very similar to this with their cable TV service a few years back by giving their cable subsribers extra TV channels and adding them to the monthly bills. The cable customers were forced to contact Rogers and opt out to get the new channels removed and the charges removed from their bills. This tactic was later deemed illegal. At least with this sleaze ball cable trick, they gave us an out by allowing us to cancel and get rid of it!!

    This browser hijacking is just a loop holed version of the above. Instead of charging us ISP subscribers for this service, they are getting money from advertisers. Who do you think is paying for the advertising budgets? WE ARE when we buy those products. In other words, we are indirectly paying Rogers for this service!!

    Make no bones about it. They have installed software on your computer, or modified your computer.

    Their opt-out solution is fake and the 404 message you receive after you opt-out is fake. Rogers has duplicated the real 404 page and pop it on your screen from the website that they are still hijacking you to. THAT IN ITSELF IS FRAUD (as far as I'm concerned). They are inferring that the 404 message is the coming from IE, when in fact it is not. As noted, you still get the IE 404 message from other browsers like FireFox. How stupid do they think we are? That is soooo insulting.

    I had my browser set to "search from the address bar" and had tweaked it to give me Google results automatically if I typed in a non valid website address. Even after you use Rogers' feature to turn off the hijacking, you can never search from your address bar again. They still hijack you. THEY HAVE DISABLED A FEATURE ON A BROWSER THAT I BOUGHT AND PAID FOR!!!

    What slime!

    Micro$oft and Rogers have already slept together so I doubt if we will get any help from Micro$oft, but perhaps Google will kick up some dust. Let's hope so.

    In my complaint, I demanded that they stop this hijacking immediately.

    Kind regards,
    Frank Sheffield

  4. BiPartisan says:

    Use Telus or Shaw.

  5. DJC says:

    You can also replace your DNS servers with one such as DNS Advantage or one of the many other Free DNS server providers available.

    The Rogers search box angered me greatly, with about an hour of switching from Aliant. Shortly thereafter I found this site. Shortly after that I replaced my DNS servers.

  6. David says:

    These guys are a real bunch of pricks.

    When I mistype a url, I like to be able to, you know, correct the url and try again. Rogers' "feature" prevents me from doing that. Disabling their useless search page just leads to a fake 404 page which looks so out of place using a non-IE browser on Linux.

    So I decided to filter the '' url out by firewall rules. Well that didn't stop them… oh no no no. They have another: '' (4 'w's). And when you filter that out they have another still: ''.

    The IPs for those URLs are: – – –

    Basically you have to set your firewall to block any incoming and outgoing http and https traffic involving those addresses.

    After that, you get your browser error page back and you can set about retyping your mistyped urls.

  7. Amy says:

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